Windows Longhorn Build 4001

– Plex Theme (v2).

– Virtual Desktops can be enabled in the Sidebar.

– Desktop Composition Engine can be configured in Display Properties window.

– WIM-based Setup.

– OOBE is displayed after setup.

~ by ASV93 on 09/03/2012.

8 Responses to “Windows Longhorn Build 4001”

  1. Do you not leak it for the only reason that we visit your blog? I mean, it’s 2012, and it’s a 2004 build. If you have it, leak it. Don’t be anonymous. Leak it under your name. Then all will visit your blog and you’ll still be famous! Canouna has a reason not to leak – The NDA. But you don’t. There’s no NDA for Longhorn now!

    • I dont really care about the number of visits of this blog, as you can see i have no ads so i win nothing. I’m not a leaker also i respect the person that gave me the build, he said no leak or trade so i won’t leak it.

  2. Very good build – one of the most stable

  3. Hello,
    I really like your blog and I am wondering if would like to affiliate with mine? It is dedicated to Windows Vista.

  4. It’s leaked now so be happy people!!!!

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